Guillaume Martial 🤖

Guillaume Martial 🤖

My biggest challenge is technical. My wish is to find the best way to evolve the best sales platform of the new world smartly. 🧠

About me

Guillaume Martial, CTO and co-founder of Skaly.

After several experiences in banking then in a scale up as well as 4 startup projects, I co-created Skaly with Anis Moualdi to allow salespeople to do their work in a more pleasant and efficient way.

My daily challenge is both in terms of permanent innovation and the maintenance of a coherent and functional platform that guarantees our customers reliable and trustworthy commercial power.

Our ambition is to disrupt our industry through disruptive technology, a unique user journey (very simple & intuitive) and the best customer service on the market.

You can chat with me on LinkedIn or elsewhere by accessing my contact details.

Looking forward to meeting you and see you soon.

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