Anis Moualdi 🧬

Anis Moualdi 🧬

Dedicated to changing the way people prospect in B2B companies and ushering them into a new era of selling 🪐 before it's too late.

About me

As a 25-year-old young man, I have to continually think about a world in which my generation and the next generation will feel comfortable and prosper.

As an entrepreneur, my role is to constantly question the existing, innovate and push the limits of the possible to create what many have not even dared to hope for.

Skaly was born in a small bedroom in Paris starting from a problem that transcends humanity: finding clients for a project.

Whether you are a business developer, entrepreneur or freelancer, the need to work is among the oldest in the world and in my opinion it is not provided today in B2B by the right technologies which are either too complex, inaccessible, inefficient or downright non-existent.

This is why we believe very strongly in the fact that Skaly allows its customers of all kinds to sell differently in a changing world.