Collaborative Hunting CRM & Lead Scoring

Don't pollute your CRM with cold leads and let your Hunt Platform score them automatically.

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Features - Techplus X Webflow Template
Features - Techplus X Webflow Template
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The first collaborative CRM made only for hunting teams!

Manage your incoming data, stay in control

Leads will come from everywhere: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, CSV files, API, ...
Rely on a trusted machine and manage only essential data easily and quickly.

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Manage your lists easily thanks to the filters

Centralize your lists and choose which ones to display thanks to a filter system by list, account owner, source, lead scoring or according to available contact details.

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An innovative and unique lead scoring system

Automatic lead scoring

Your leads' interactions with links sent on LinkedIn and/or email automatically turn them from cold leads to lukewarm leads. Replying makes them hot and quits the process. All you have to do is monitor your notifications and be responsive to sell faster than the others.

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Manual lead scoring

Of course, you can change the score of your leads at any time from a contact file or change them to closed lead status.

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Detailed and in-depth contact sheets

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Find all account information

A complete contact file with the informations of both the prospect and its company and a history of all the interactions with all the organization's members: actions, emails, LinkedIn exchanges, comments and notes, .. .

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Take action from individual files

Take action quickly from the contact sheet by having all the relevant and important information in front of you. Don't let any business opportunity slip away.

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What our clients say ♥️

We can tell you how much we love our customers and they can too!

“The best Sales software, ever”

I thought it would be hard for Skaly to convince me as I was a fan of my previous sales automation software.
But from the first days of use, the big difference in terms of UX / UI, time savings and results achieved was evident.

Denis - Associate & COO
Refurbishment company Based in France

“Skaly is the next-gen Sales Software”

As a consulting company, the existing tools are not adapted to my market and even less to my offer. I may have been reluctant at first, but when I signed a client during a trial, I was more than convinced!

Bastien - Associate Director
Finance & Consulting firm Based in Spain

“Skaly took us to the Sales' new world”

Usually, we are the ones who take our customers to the new world, but this time I was surprised by Skaly's ability to do what I thought was unthinkable: sell easily while having fun! Our sales reps love it.

Louis - CEO & Co-Founder
Entertainment metaverse - Scale up based in France