What is the purpose of gamification on Skaly?

You have a gamification feature on your Skaly 🧬 Dashboard located at the top right of your home screen, why?

What is the purpose of gamification on Skaly?

Skaly 🧬 is a platform developed by salespeople disappointed with the tools they used to use for multiple reasons: too many tools to connect to get an interesting stack, multiple bugs, complicated interfaces to use in life of everyday life or a flagrant lack of efficiency.

Among these reasons that motivated the creation of the Skaly 🧬 project, one of them happens to be the lack of challenge present in the collaborative outbound tools.

This is the reason that led us to integrate the following gamification system:

  • How Skaly gamification works 🧬

The points evolve in real time for each member of your organization according to the interactions of your prospects with your different campaigns:

  1. Opening an email 📨
  2. Click on a Call-to-Action in an email 💌
  3. Connection request accepted on LinkedIn 🤝
  4. Reply to an email or LinkedIn message received 😍

The number of points obtained for each of these actions is: 10 points / action.

  • The benefits of Skaly gamification 🧬

The gamification system brings a lot to sales teams in terms of challenge or even a feeling of satisfaction when ranking on the podium.

However, if we had to mention three main advantages of such a system:

  1. Reward Top Performers and keep them motivated with bonuses or whatever.
  2. Encourage, train and support salespeople in difficulty.
  3. Transcend the commercial team to increase the C.A.

Depending on your experience, you will see that gamification will bring you a number of sometimes unsuspected advantages with very high added value.

We invite you to share your opinion as well as your feedback to highlight it to all of our customers! 🧬

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