Notifications by Skaly

Skaly 🧬 is a commercial hunting tool that integrates a powerful notification and task system to allow you to prospect.

Notifications by Skaly

With each important action carried out from or to your Skaly account, we will send you a notification so that you can be quickly kept informed and take action.

Here are the different use cases for which you will receive notifications:

Prospecting notifications:

Example: Interaction of a prospect with one of your campaigns, ...

Use case: converting a lukewarm prospect very quickly, ...

Management notices:

Example: Hunting actions carried out by a member of your organization.

Use case: encourages and/or congratulates one of your sales representatives following an action: prospect conversion, launch of a campaign, ...

Skaly account management notifications

Examples: important updates, assignment of tasks, ...

Use case: credit one of the members of the organization with Skaly coins.

Note that you can manage the configuration of your notification system from your settings in order to choose which notifications to receive (or not).

Notifications are displayed at the top right of your screen and a flash indicates the arrival of important new information to consult very quickly.

By clicking on the icon that appears and flashes, you will see your most recent notifications and can therefore click on one of them to consult it

Note that you can also access the center of notifications in order to consult the oldest (up to one month of history) and take advantage of the suggestions for actions to be taken that Skaly recommends in order to act as quickly as possible:

Thanks to this ingenious system, you will no longer miss any prospecting, management or daily management information for your Skaly account.

For optimal use of this notification system, we have automatically linked it to our task manager system.

To learn more, we invite you to click on this link and read our article.

Good prospecting with Skaly  

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