How to update your extension on Chrome manually?

Updates of the Skaly 🧬 extension on Chrome are done automatically and take a little time. Do it manually!

How to update your extension on Chrome manually?

At each of the updates that we will make on Skaly 🧬 we will notify you in order to give you the opportunity to take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Be aware that these updates are done automatically on the Google Chrome Web Store but they can take several hours to update.

Here is a tutorial that will allow you to go faster and update your Skaly extension 🧬 as soon as you are kept informed of its evolution*

*this operation takes less than 30 seconds to complete

  • Click on your extension manager at the top right of your tab:
The icon looks like that of a Puzzle and is also accessible from the 3 points on the far right of your screen by clicking on "more tools" then "extensions"
  • Click on "Manage extensions" to access all of your extensions:
  • Simply activate the developer mode at the top right of your screen:
  • The "Update" button is then displayed, click on it:

This manual allows you to update your Skaly 🧬 extension more quickly, but also all of your extensions present in Chrome Webstore.

Of course, this tutorial allows you to go faster but know that your extension will be automatically updated after a few hours of deployment.

The whole Skaly 🧬 team wishes you a good use and remains at your disposal for any additional request. Happy prospecting! ☀️

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