How to install the Skaly extension on Chrome?

One of the most important things to know about the Skaly 🧬 extension is that without it you cannot manage your skaly account.

How to install the Skaly extension on Chrome?

Once your account has been created, setting up Skaly is quick and easy and only requires two important steps:

1. Connecting your professional email account

2. Downloading our Skaly extension  

Regarding the connection of your professional email address, you can consult our various articles on this subject which detail each step on:

- How do I configure my Gmail email?

- How to configure my Infomaniak email

💡 Connecting to a Microsoft account is done via API directly

💡 It is possible to connect other emails to Skaly, more articles are coming soon

Once your email is connected to Skaly, here is what your Skaly Dashboard will display:

Your account setting says 66% so you are missing the extension.

Here's how:

Download the Skaly extension from Google Chrome Webstore by clicking on "Extension Download" (circled in red below) and click on "download"

Once the extension is added, be sure to pin it to your chrome browser:

Now connect the extension to Skaly with just one click:

Don't forget to authorize the extension to access your Skaly account:

This is what should now appear on your Dashboard:

All you have to do is connect the extension to your LinkedIn account to allow it to automate your hunt and retrieve contacts

Open your extension and click on the small wheel to connect:

🚨 To do this, make sure you are connected to your LinkedIn account on the same Google Chrome session. This condition is NECESSARY to connect Skaly

Your Skaly Dashboard is now 100% connected and should look like this:

There you go, all we have to do is wish you a good prospecting with Skaly 🧬

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