How to easily manage my daily goals on Skaly?

At Skaly 🧬 we know that each client has different goals depending on their own environment. Here's how to define them.

How to easily manage my daily goals on Skaly?

First, you need to go to your Dashbord (main screen) and click on the map in the middle of your screen called: Daily Goals 👇🏼

By clicking on the "Manage" button, a goal setting screen is displayed and you just have to slide on each slider from left to right to set your daily goals before saving your work.

Thus, you choose how often you want to prospect daily through your campaigns on LinkedIn and by e-mail while respecting the quotas imposed by LinkedIn on its users and thus never risk an expulsion from the platform or any warning or verification. anti robot.

You can change your settings at any time by reproducing the exact same route from your home screen. This will impact all your current and future campaigns as soon as you save your new settings.

🚨️ Important 🚨

If you want to change your daily goals without taking into account the measures imposed by LinkedIn, know that Skaly allows you to do so.

To do this, go directly to your account and click on "settings" then click on "registration" and define your own objectives:

Skaly clears itself of all responsibility for the actions that LinkedIn may take against users who do not wish to respect the quotas imposed by the professional social network as part of its fight against spam and prospecting.

We provide our customers with a platform that allows our customers to automatically reproduce a human movement and just as you can exceed quotas manually, we also allow you to do it automatically by warning you of the risks that this may entail.

We therefore strongly recommend that you respect the quotas imposed by LinkedIn while understanding that sometimes our clients may need to exceed them or consume them in a single day.

For example: for the late sending of invitations to participate in an important event.

We have therefore developed this feature to allow you to use our solution even in a case of extreme urgency such as the one mentioned above.

Our compliance with the GDPR, however, obliges us never to use other reputable Growth Hacking techniques which allow us to go beyond these quotas by not respecting the limits of the privacy of LinkedIn users and which make it possible to circumvent the imposed rules such as using your prospects' personal email addresses to add them in bulk from a CSV file.

We know these techniques as experts in sales and Growth Marketing and we categorically refuse to practice them for a question of ethics and moral values that we hope to share with our clients.

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