About our company

Skaly is the first Sales Automation Software made by Sales Reps for Sales Reps all around the world 🌍 And our team is amazing!

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The story behind how our company started...

Skaly was a side project at first...

And like any coherent startup project, it all starts with a deep need for systemic and disruptive change. ⚡️

The massive influx of customers prompted the founders to take a closer look at the ecosystem of Sales Softwares.

They quickly decided that a revival was badly needed in the sector and thus Skaly was born to help sales reps sell differently in a changing world.

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“Our goal is to build the next geneneration Sales Software”
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Anis Moualdi
CEO @ Skaly 🧬

Meet our team 🤝

We are proud to announce that the team presented here was recruited one hundred percent by bootstrap

Anis Moualdi 🧬Anis Moualdi 🧬

Dedicated to changing the way people prospect in B2B companies and ushering them into a new era of selling 🪐 before it's too late.

Sales Ops & Co-Founder
Guillaume Martial 🤖Guillaume Martial 🤖

My biggest challenge is technical. My wish is to find the best way to evolve the best sales platform of the new world smartly. 🧠

CTO & Co-Founder
Nils Morel 😎Nils Morel 😎

I left a dream job at the world leader in car leasing 🏎💨 to allow B2B salespeople to sell even more and better while having fun.

Customer Support Manager

Our values

We do not present values to look pretty on a website but real deep convictions anchored in our DNA 🧬

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Gamification Centric

Often we don't want to go back to our sales tools. We do it by constraint but in a changing world, the useful must imperatively join the pleasant!

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Community Oriented

We believe Skaly will build the largest community of sales reps in the next few years. Sales is a job where you will never feel alone again!

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1 Client = 1 Ambassador

We do not want customers but the embodiment of the state of mind that we defend: mutual aid, altruism, challenge, love of the profession and a lot of passion

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Retention > Acquisition

What we want is not to make you pay once and never see you again.
We would like Skaly 🧬 to become your number one asset in your Outbound Sales Strategy

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Go International Quickly

We could follow the classic path and sell in France for a long time and go international when we reach a critical size and reputation, but we decided to quickly open up to the world

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K.I.S.S. 💋

Keep It Simple and Stupid is our best framework. Many forget that our customers are looking for simplicity and not the most complex tool.
Keep it simple as best you can!

What is the press saying about Skaly lately? 🗞

We are often the subject of news articles, blogs, podcasts or other multimedia content. Here's the gist.

“Skaly is the next-gen Sales tool”

« We are proud that the founders of Skaly have come out of our walls and happy to see how much they have succeeded in innovating in an already saturated sector to transform it in their own way »

“When acquisition meets retention”

« Skaly is a hunting tool made by outbound acquisition experts. However, what appealed to me the most was the sensitivity of the co-founders regarding customer retention and support, which they persist in ensuring in the best possible way. »

“The only Sales Automation Software you will ever need”

« I don't accept all requests from clients who want to design an app and immediately agreed to do the work for Skaly at an early stage of development as I saw the impact this project would have on business, especially those who are struggling to sell and start-ups »