Stop Juggling between Tools & Start Closing More Deals!

All-in-One Platform to get More Qualified Leads thanks to a Perfect Blend of Human and Artificial Intelligence with Gamification!

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Automatic Lead Gen
Cross-Canal Campaigns
Templates Marketplace 
Lead Scoring & Gamification

Outdated Tools & Processes Hurt your Sales Efforts!

Your Prospects are Constantly Harassed with Sales Pitches, and you're Still Using Tools and Approaches Stuck in the PAST...

How Many More Deals Will you LOSE before MAKING A CHANGE?

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Before Skaly

You spend 💰& ⌚ trying to make 5 differents tools work together
Writing an original icebreaker makes your brain freeze
Database enrichment is a nightmare
You walk with your CSV from one tool to another
You never know where to start to generate leads or when to follow up with them
Your campaigns generates disappointing results and your start doubting outbound

With Skaly

One platform to replace them ALL
Stop Breaking the Bank and Pay-as-you-Go
Identify your ICP, Generate Leads & Craft Sales Messages that Convert
Work on the Very First Platform Designed by Sales for Sales
Results from DAY ONE that’ll make you 💜 selling again

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“We needed a drastic change of Tools, Frameworks, Methods and Organization that Skaly was able to fill.“

Skaly Turns Your Obsolete Outbound Process into a Lucrative Growth Engine

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“Our old sales tools were holding us back in our prospecting instead of helping us go faster. I no longer need to spend my time connecting several tools together hoping that it works and I can finally focus on my real added value“

Get Results with a Workflow Approved by Top Hunters!

Finding Contacts in your Target is a Hassle

Build Ideal Leads Databases in One Click!

1. No matter where you start
2. Just launch the machine
3. And let the magic Happen!

🤝 Easily Connect your CRM or import your CSV Files  

🎯 Identify your Business & Confirm your Ideal Customer Profile

🫡 Grab Contacts from LinkedIn (Search & Post) or let Skaly do the Job*

🤖 Thanks to our AI, Skaly will Automatically and Progressively Bring you Prospects who have the Same Profile as Those you Have Just Closed

*Skaly has LinkedIn APIs and also operates on Sales Navigator

❔ Am I at risk of being blocked on LinkedIn or having my account suspended when grabing contacts?


1. Skaly is the 1st sales tool to benefit from native LinkedIn APIs

2. We have tiered Daily Quotas in place so you never get Blocked

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“It is a real pleasure to be able to generate qualified, cleaned and enriched databases in such a short time. This gives us much more time to write much better sales messages than before!“

Copywriting is THE Problem for 90% of Sales.

Craft Hyper-Personalized Messages in Seconds with Artificial Intelligence.

No more cookie-cutter sales messages that get ignored. Skaly's AI generates messages for LinkedIn and email outreach that stand out in your lead's inbox.

📚 Learn how to Write Sales Messages that Convert thanks to the Skaly Academy

😍 Use Workflows that has Already Performed on your Target on our Marketplace

🦾 Write hyper-personalized icebreakers with A.I. to maximize your conversion rate

✍️ Audit your Campaign before Launching it with the Best Copywriting Experts

❔ Is AI able to personalize my message for each of my prospects?

Our AI will Personalize your icebreakers based (for example) on the LinkedIn Biography & Tagline of each of your Prospects.

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“We hardly send out outreach campaigns at all without prior validation with Skaly's partner copywriters. The price of the service being reduced thanks to the scalability of their model allows us to do it without breaking the bank and the results are stunning!“

Maximize your Reach with Cross-Channel

Campaigns that Never Get Flagged.

Now that you have a clean and qualified database and a great sales message, here's how to reach out to your audience! 👇🏼

😍 Connect as many LinkedIn and E-mail Accounts as you want for FREE

📬 We offer you 30% professional & verified emails. Enrich even more on demand!

⏰ Quickly Follow Up between your Outreach Steps in Days, Hours and Minutes

👀 Track the Slightest Click on one of your CTAs, whether by E-mail or on LinkedIn

❔ Am I limited in the number of campaigns I can launch each month?

Absolutely not ! You can Launch as many Campaigns as you want. Plus, you can easily set up daily quotas and only pay for the leads you requests. 

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“We initially used several tools to put together a complete Outreach sequence. We've always wondered why no tool has taken the initiative to bring together all these features that are so essential for us in the same place, that's what's done.“

Get Ahead of the Game with Real-Time Insights

Auto Scoring and Gamification!

Thought Launching Your Campaign was the Main Event?
Quite the Contrary. The Game Begins NOW!

🗞️ Get Weekly Reports

🌡️ Lead Scoring Operations

🔥 Quickly call your hottest leads

🔔 Real-Time Notifications and Tasks

🎮 Challenge other Sales with Gamification

❔ Is Skaly Gamification really useful or is it just a gadget?

Skaly Gamification is more than just a gimmick - It’s a powerful feature with 3 benefits :

1. Reward your Top Performers at fair value
2. Identify & Coach those who are Falling Behind
3. See up to + 17 % additional Growth in Outbound

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“Sales tools usually stop when the campaign launches, while Skaly seems to barely start at that point. We have never had so much visibility on the interaction of our prospects with our campaigns, the reminders that this allows us to make often make us fall with our propsects at the right time and multiply the results obtained tenfold.“

Quickly Switch to a Tool That Makes Team Play Fun and Profitable.

Get to Know your Next Gen Lead Gen Tool Better & Take your Campaigns Further 🚀

Wouldn't be Sad if your Carefully Crafted Messages Ended up in the Spambox? 😱

The Higher Your Deliverability is, the More Conversions You'll Get. Don't Be Fooled (Like your Competitors) into Underestimating This

♻️ Get a Clean Database when Grabbing Contacts or importing your Files

✅ We Only Provide you with Verified E-mails in Order to increase your Reach

🤖 Skaly reproduces a human-like movement on LinkedIn to avoid blocking risks

💌 Our Warm Up is triggered automatically and creates real conversations #NLP

🗞️ Get Weekly Reports

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From Solo & Junior Sales Reps To Large & Senior Teams.
Skaly has you Covered! 😌

A Hunter Still a Hunter NO MATTER the Challenge he Face…
Small, Big, Beginner or Experienced, Prepare to Bag Your Next Big Catch!

🏆 Skaly is as Much For Junior SDRs seeking their first trophies…

     🎮 Easily and quickly identify underperformers with gamification & help them

     📚 Constantly increase the skills of your Junior Teams thanks to our Academy

🎯  …Than Senior Sales Reps who Hunt alone in Sniper Mode. 

    🚀 Use a more technical builder instead of templates for more fun and results

    🥇 Gamification identifies Top Performers among our users, challenge them!

📈 And Fast & Large Growing Teams & Agencies 👇🏼

    👥 Colaborate (interne + externe) : CRM + Builder

    🤝 Leverage the expertise of your top perfomers by allowing them to share their workflow and templates. 

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F.A.C.T. 👉🏼 Sales Reps with MORE Challenges Get MORE Results 📈 🤑

Get on the Exciting Side of the Sale, whether you're a Lone Wolf 🐺 or Lions Hunting as a team 🦁

🏆 Challenge the bests within your organization

🎮 Externally Challenge the biggest and compare your stats to all users

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+583 668

Leads Generated With Skaly Since Day One 🤯

Sales Reps Who Switched To Skaly 💜 Will
NEVER Leave Again & Here is Why
The best Sales software, ever

"I thought it would be hard for Skaly to convince me as I was a fan of my previous sales automation software. But from the first days of use, the big difference in terms of UX/UI, time savings and results achieved was evident."

Denis - Associate & COO

Refurbishment company

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Skaly is the next-gen Sales Software

"As a consulting company, the existing tools are not adapted to my market and even less to my offer. I may have been relucant at first, but when i signed a client during a trial, i was more than convinced!" 

Bastien - Associate - Director

Finance & Consulting firm

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Skaly took us to the Sales's new world

"Usually, we are the ones who take our customers to the new world, but this time I was surprised by Skaly's ability to do what i thought was unthinkable: sell easily while having fun! Our sales reps love it."

Louis - CEO & Co-Founder

Entertainment metaverse

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There is Nothing Easier Than To Test Skaly

Without our tool

🥲 Inefficient workflows and processes

😵‍💫 Junior SDRs struggling to contribute to the team

😖Top performers feeling undervalued and unchallenged

❌ No coordination between Sales, Growth and Copywriters

📉 Difficulty integrating new team members & freelancers

Our Tool

✅ No Credit Card Required
✅ No Credit Card Required
✅ Get Coins to Try for Free
✅ 100% GDPR Compliant 😍
✅ Easily Connect your Tools
✅ Get Onboard with a Partner

With our tool

🚀 Work in perfect synergy with your peers

🐣 Harness the full potential of your Junior SDRs

🐺 Don't break your best hunters who can go faster

🤝 Collaborate with Sales, Growth and Copywriters

📈 Suitable for large teams to work with Freelancers

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